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14 Apr, 2023


School: School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

An awareness camp was organized for farmers of village Rurka by School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, CT University, Ludhiana. It was organized under the direction of Dr. Manbir Singh, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Managing Director of University. The faculty of Agriculture including Dr. Daljit Singh Khurana (Head of School), Dr. Umesh Chandra Sati, Ms. Khushwinder Kaur and Ms. Gurpreet Kaur (Assistant Professor) along with students visited the village for the session on “Direct Seeded Rice” as promoted by the scientists and Government of Punjab. The farmers have been adopting the cultivation of Paddy by puddling method in stagnant water condition, but this has shown negative impacts on soil and water as well as atmosphere causing environmental pollution. Negative effects include destruction of soil structure, soil crusting, reduction in soil fertility, depletion of water table and greenhouse effect leading to global warming due to Methane gas released under such anaerobic conditions. In contrary to this, Direct Seeding of Paddy helps in saving the water, soil structure, fertility, etc. with optimum yield so as to sustain the resources for future generation. The farmers were also acquainted with the cultivation of pulses especially “Moong” which can be easily adopted in crop rotation with Wheat and Paddy as an additional crop and may proof beneficial in improving soil fertility as added by Dr. D.S. Khurana. Along with this he also emphasized on diversification of agriculture. The awareness camp concluded with answers to the queries of farmers and vote of thanks.

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