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IT Services

About IT-Services

At CT University, our commitment to delivering exceptional IT services is at the core of our operational philosophy. We have established a highly proficient and meticulously structured IT Service Department that is dedicated to providing timely assistance to our users. Our team of network and system administrators is rigorously trained and passionate about keeping our users' laptops, desktops, and network infrastructure running smoothly.

Our IT Service Department operates with a set of well-defined IT service management practices. These practices are driven by carefully crafted policies, organized processes, and supporting procedures. They encompass every aspect of IT service provisioning, from designing and planning to delivering, operating, and controlling information technology services for our valued customers.

User satisfaction is our paramount goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure it. Our approach involves task assignments to support engineers based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the availability of support engineers, and their specific skills. This strategic allocation of resources ensures that our users' needs are addressed promptly and effectively.

Our responsibilities extend to the management of our Data Center, which operates around the clock, ensuring seamless service availability. We meticulously distribute Internet bandwidth and maintain server functionality to guarantee uninterrupted service. A systematic layout plan, incorporating both fiber and copper infrastructure, is in place to optimize connectivity and throughput. Additionally, we have designed and deployed a robust Wi-Fi network across the campus to cater to the connectivity needs of our users.

To further enhance our IT service delivery, we have implemented a user-friendly Helpdesk system. Users can easily reach out to us for assistance, whether through our web portal, phone support, or email. Our dedicated team of 18 skilled professionals is strategically located to ensure a swift and efficient response to all IT service requests.

At CT University, we take great pride in our IT Service Department's commitment to excellence. Our systematic approach, dedicated team, and customer-centric focus enable us to provide top-notch IT services that empower our university community to thrive in the digital age.