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Guardians of Your Well-being

At CT University, your safety reigns supreme! The welfare of those within our campus embrace and the neighboring community is our unwavering commitment. Within these digital confines, we present to you a glimpse of the mighty arsenal of safety resources at your disposal, along with nuggets of wisdom to navigate the urban landscape unscathed.

But wait, there's more! For the pièce de résistance, an exhaustive trove of safety marvels and resources awaits your exploration on the hallowed grounds of the Department of Safety and Security's digital domain.

Your safety is our saga, and we invite you to script it together. 

Explore the safety realm now.


Staying safe in the city

Ludhiana, our cherished abode, stands tall among the giants of the world's cities. Yet, within the grandeur, we acknowledge the nuances of urban living, including the vital realm of security. Fear not, for CT University stands sentinel with an array of resources to be your shield in this bustling metropolis. The pearls of wisdom shared on this page are not mere counsel but precious gems for thriving in the vibrant tapestry of a large urban landscape. Our commitment to your well-being transcends the campus borders. In this urban symphony, let these safety tips be your guiding notes, ensuring your harmonious journey through the dynamic heart of Ludhiana.

Staying safe around campus

In our quest for safety and security, we don't merely dip our toes; we take a plunge into the depths of protection. Our approach is a symphony, a tapestry of methods that weaves together the art of incident prevention with the science of timely assistance. This isn't just about locking doors and watching over dark corners. It's about crafting a sanctuary where you're not just safe but empowered to seek help when the need arises. At CT University, your well-being is our grand composition, and every note we play is a promise to keep you safe around every corner of our beloved campus.

Staying safe where you live and work

Your safety isn't confined to campus boundaries; it extends to wherever you choose to lay your hat, be it within the campus cocoon or beyond. Our watchful eye and caring hand accompany you, whether you dwell within our campus embrace or venture into the city's rhythm. We offer a suite of services, akin to a guardian angel, ensuring your peace of mind. Residential security assessments, safety escorts, and motorist assistance are just a few strokes on our canvas of care. Beyond services, we equip you with tools and knowledge, carving a path for you to navigate life's nooks and crannies safely and confidently. Rest assured, we've got your back, no matter where life's journey takes you—your safety and security, our unwavering commitment.