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15 Dec, 2023

CT University's Robotics and Automation Lab Unveils Innovative Pesticide Spraying Robot for Precision Agriculture

School: School of Engineering and Technology

The Robotics and Automation Lab at CT University proudly announces the successful development of a cutting-edge pesticide spraying robot, a technological breakthrough designed to transform crop protection and elevate farming efficiency.

This Wi-Fi-controlled prototype is a testament to CT University's commitment to advancing agricultural technology and addressing the evolving needs of farmers. The robot boasts a 20-liter tank, six powerful motors, and all-terrain tires, allowing for seamless customization to meet specific field requirements. Its state-of-the-art spraying mechanism ensures precise and controlled pesticide delivery, revolutionizing traditional spraying methods.

Dr. Harmeet Singh, Deputy Director of the IPR Cell, emphasizes the pivotal role that robots will play in the future of precision agriculture. The Robotics and Automation Lab is already working on an advanced version of the prototype, integrating solar charging and GPS navigation to further enhance functionality and efficiency.

According to Dr. Mandeep Kaur, the adoption of pesticide spraying robots offers numerous advantages to farmers. Not only does it reduce reliance on manual labor, thereby cutting down on labor costs and addressing potential labor shortages, but it also ensures the precise application of pesticides. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of human exposure to harmful chemicals, promoting safety in agricultural practices.

The development of this groundbreaking prototype is credited to the ingenuity and dedication of final-year students, Lab Technician Gurkirat Singh and Project Manager Satyam Gupta both of whom played pivotal roles in the success of this project.

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