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Guidelines & Notification for International Students
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Guidelines for Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance Policy Guidelines

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Guidelines for Cashless Medical Insurance Policy


It is mandatory for all universities/institutions offering professional and technical programs in India to be recognized by the national level statutory bodies established for the maintenance of norms and standards. Indian degrees are recognized worldwide. CT University is approved by UGC (Govt. of India) and registered under Section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956.

CT University provides 216 Programs in different disciplines, which includes short term programs of 3 months duration to full time programs of 4 to 5 years duration.

CT University offers more than 216 Programs in Engineering, Management, Law, Medical, Dental, Allied Health Sciences, Mass Communication, Bio-Technology, Basic Sciences, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Hospital Administration and many more.

The University provides merit based scholarships and continuation of scholarship is as per the terms and conditions of the University i.e. regularity in attendance, progress, good character and conduct.

Hostel Rules Manual

Hostel Rules Manual for International Students

Hostel Rules Manual

Pre Arrival Information for International Students

Students should make sure about the following points before leaving their home country CT University is just an hour drive from Ludhianan Railway Station and you need to book your ticket to Ludhianan Railway Station after taking a Valid Student Visa from Indian Embassy / High Commission. Make sure that you have taken all the required vaccinations like Yellow Fever, Typhoid Vaccine, Hepatitis Vaccine, etc. to avoid medical complications while you are in India. Make sure you inform CT University Relations Division for the Railway Station pickup at least two weeks prior to arrival and provide the complete details of flight. Make sure that you bring the Admission Letter issued by the University along with all the Certificates/Degrees and Transcripts (in original) and 15 passport size photographs. You can carry all your money in form of Travellers Cheques, which can be easily redeemed at the Railway Station as well as a number of foreign exchange offices and banks or you can use Debit / Credit Cards. Temperature ranges between 30 to 45 degree Celsius during summers and 5 to 25 degree Celsius during winters. Here the winter season starts around November so the warm material (blankets, quilts, woolens, etc.) must be brought accordingly. Whilst everything is available in India, however try to get all that you would require during the initial few days. All the essentials can be availed from the University tuck shops as well as markets available around a range of 5 km from University Campus. The electric standard in India works on 240 V. So, ensure that you have an adapter for your mobile or laptop if it operates on a different voltage in your country. Also the electric sockets are 2 or 3 pin so ensure that you carry a converter in case required.

Post Arrival Information for International Students

Students should make sure about the following points after arriving in India After reaching Ludhiana Railway Station, University will arrange Railway Station Pickup for Students who have shared their flight details with Relations Division. Student will report in the Relations Division (IRD) along with all the required documents and interact with the reporting officer. The documents will be checked and verified by IRD staff. Students will fill the registration form and submit the required documents after reading them carefully to get registered in the respective programs. It is a mandatory for all students except those from Nepal and Bhutan to get their Student Visa registered at FRRO/FRO Ludhiana within 14 days of arrival in India. University will guide and assist Student with all the required processes. Student has to report Relations Division (IRD) for Medical Checkup and also can collect their Medical Insurance Card. Students joining the university after the prescribed time period may be denied admission. It is the prime responsibility of the student to visit Relations Department in time to complete the required documentations, so that no fine is levied against him/her.

Guidelines for Visa and FRO/FRRO

Guidelines for Visa Once Admission Letter / Visa Letter has been issued student should immediately apply for Student Visa at Indian Embassy / High Commission. Make sure that your Student Visa is endorsed to CT University. Make sure that you have applied for Visa well in advance and time. It generally takes 3-8 weeks to get the Indian Visa thus it is advisable to apply for the visa accordingly and consult the Indian High Commission/Embassy, if required. Change of University or Institution cannot be considered. In this case you would be required to go back to your home country and apply for a new visa. Make sure, if you have entered India on basis of Student Visa endorsed to CT University, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you directly join and report to the University. The Visa endorsed on the name of the University or obtained on the basis of University documents cannot be used for any other purpose like employment , admission to any other university/college/institute/academy etc. or for non-regular (distance/online) mode of education. After reaching the University Campus, students have to get the visa verified by the University and have to deposit a copy of the valid visa at International Relations Division. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that throughout his/her study period student is on valid visa. Guidelines for Visa Extension and FRO/FRRO It is a mandatory for all International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan to get their Student Visa registered at FRRO/FRO Ludhiana within 14 days of arrival in India. International Relations Department of CT University will guide and assist Student with all the required processes needed for FRO/FRRO Registration. All International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan have to fill online application for Registration Certificate (RC) & Residential Permit (RP) on arrival to India. In case the initial visa is not endorsed for the complete duration of the program or student has to extend the stay because he/she is not able to complete the program in the stipulated time then the student should apply for the extension of the visa before visa expires. visa Extension for stay visa, Residence permit Extension (RP Extension), change of address, change of course & change of Institution and OFF LINE for No Objection Certificate (NOC) for travelling outside India in Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) in Ludhiana and Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in New Delhi.

Examination Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATE The student shall present the Admit Card for entry to the Examination Hall. Student failing to present the Admit Card shall not be allowed entry. The student shall take the allotted seat 30 minutes before commencement of the Examination. The student shall display the Admit Card on the right hand side of the desk. No student shall be allowed to enter the Examination Hall after 30 minutes from commencement of the examination. No student shall be allowed to leave the Examination Hall during the first hour of the examination. No communication of any kind shall be allowed during the examination. Communication with the invigilator shall only be permitted. Cellular phone, iPod, MP3 player, pager or any other device with text display or digital imaging facility and Programmable Calculators shall not be allowed. Borrowing or lending of examination material (including calculators, pens, pencils, etc.) is prohibited. The student must hand over the answer sheet(s) to the invigilator before leaving Examination Hall. Cases of unfair means shall be dealt as per the provisions of University Ordinances. Mistake in the OMR sheet shall be the sole responsibility of student and may lead to withholding/cancelation of the result.