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At CT, we lead our students to grow further, push the boundaries of their capabilities and grab success with both hands. We Are Better, Together!

CT has always demonstrated leadership in every sphere - be it academics or Culture - reflected in our achievements and the diversity of our campus. We stand true to our goal by establishing a Curriculum that is driven by workplace and professional requirements, rather than one predefined by scholarly literature, we believe we will develop a Culture of shared knowledge.

Become a dynamic leader in the knowledge-based learning industry and make a real impact on the world. Set your trajectories to victory in India! Start at CT.

Step into the CT Experience.

From world class academics to the enchanting greens of a lush campus to the vibrant energies of student life, CT University has it all. In here, make deeper connections with your learning goals so you can affect change in the passion or profession you have always wanted to pursue.

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Centerstage of Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

3D Printing Lab

Genetics Lab




Mol- biology Lab

CT - Bringing the World to your doorstep!

An International Community by Design

CT University harbors a global perspective on higher learning, and our internationalization strategy emulates this outlook in everything we do. We attract world- class academics who have a wide spectrum of academic experience and are champions of real world learning. All this means that you graduate from CT with a truly global viewpoint - something highly valued by employers.

First University to Forge 478 Partnerships with 94 Countries!

CT University enjoys an exceptionally high standing among many national rating services that evaluate the quality of education, research activity, affordability, and athletic excellence. It is the first in North India to have 478 global alliances across 94 countries. These alliances provide students with a global perspective that makes them the most desirable candidates for worldwide recruiters.

Extraordinary Industry Patronage

Our synergistic alliances with reputed multinational companies assure that you will have continuous professional learning and exclusive opportunities to meet and engage with top organizations and industry leaders. You will have exposure to the corporate standard learning environment, multifaceted industry-sponsored infrastructure, and corporate experts who are playing a proactive role in transforming and elevating the learning process.

Empowering Progress Through Participation

We have always recognized the important contributions made by individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our diverse student body-comprised of students from all Indian states and 50+ countries promises you a culturally enriching experience. You'll be encouraged to challenge yourself and your way of thinking. These influences will help you grow and expand. Ethnic and cultural diversity enriches our student life, academic programs, and campus activities.