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Discover the World with CT University!

At CT University, we empower you to craft your very own study abroad adventure. We understand that studying abroad is all about diving headfirst into new experiences, and we're here to make that journey seamless. Our commitment is to provide exceptional academic and student support services, so you can savor every moment of your global escapade. Here's a snapshot of what we offer:


 For CT University Students: 

1.  Explore Global Horizons:  Embark on a transformative journey by spending a semester at one of our esteemed partner universities in captivating destinations around the world.

2.  Seamless Credit Transfer:  Don't let borders limit your education. Transfer your hard-earned credits and earn a prestigious degree from one of our renowned partner universities abroad.

3.  Short & Sweet Educational Excursions:  Wanderlust calling? Join our 3-week or 4-week educational trips to top-ranked international universities, where learning meets adventure.

 For Students from Partner Universities: 

1.  Immerse in CT University:  Experience a vibrant semester at CT University, where you'll not only gain knowledge but also make memories to last a lifetime.

2.  Credit Mobility:  Take your education to the next level by transferring your credits to CT University and graduating with a CT degree, adding a global perspective to your academic journey.

3.  Summer Internship Abroad:  Spend an enriching 40 days during the summer in a dynamic internship program at CT University, gaining valuable real-world experience.

4.  Dive into Culture:  Explore our Cultural Heritage Programme, indulge in our short-term courses, participate in Nano course workshops, or make the most of your summer with our diverse range of programs.

At CT University, we're not just about education; we're about crafting experiences that shape your future. Join us in this thrilling adventure of learning, discovery, and personal growth. Your global journey begins here!