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At CT University, we embrace a Flexible Credit System that empowers our students to sculpt their educational journey according to their aptitude and career aspirations. This system allows students to chart their own academic path by selecting courses from a diverse spectrum of options.

Here's how it works: Each student is required to fulfill a minimum quota of Credit Units (CU), which comprises a combination of essential core courses and a variety of elective choices. This rich tapestry of electives includes:

1. **Specialisation Electives (SE):** These courses are intricately designed to cater to specific program specializations, enabling students to delve deep into their chosen fields.

2. **Domain Electives (DE):** Within the confines of their domain of study, students can explore a plethora of elective courses that align with their academic interests.

3. **Open Electives (OE):** We encourage our students to broaden their horizons by offering courses from departments and institutions beyond their chosen domain. This allows for a well-rounded and versatile education.

4. **Non-teaching Credit Courses (NTCC):** These self-guided courses serve as avenues for professional development. Students can engage in independent research studies, undertake term papers, participate in seminars, and delve into minor projects, fostering a holistic skill set.

5. **Value Addition Courses (VAC):** In our pursuit of holistic education, we offer Value Addition Courses, including Behavioral Science, Business Communication, Foreign Languages, and even Sanskrit. These courses enhance not only academic knowledge but also personal development.

At CT University, we understand that each student's educational journey is unique. Our Flexible Credit System empowers students to curate their own educational experiences, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future careers while nurturing their personal growth. We believe that education is not one-size-fits-all, and our system reflects this philosophy, allowing students to thrive in their own distinctive ways.