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It's commendable that CT University recognizes the importance of digital solutions for degree verification. One of the significant initiatives in India related to digital degree verification is the National Academic Depository (NAD).

The National Academic Depository (NAD) is a government-backed initiative in India that aims to digitize and streamline the process of storing and verifying academic certificates and degrees. NAD provides a secure and centralized platform for academic institutions to store digital copies of their students' degrees and certificates. Students and alumni can also access and share their academic records electronically through NAD.

Here are some key features and benefits of the National Academic Depository (NAD):

1.  Digital Credentials : NAD allows academic institutions to upload digital copies of degree certificates and mark sheets, making them easily accessible and shareable in a digital format.

2.  Secure and Tamper-Proof : NAD uses advanced security measures, including blockchain technology, to ensure the integrity and authenticity of digital certificates, reducing the risk of fraud.

3.  Efficient Verification : Employers, educational institutions, and other organizations can verify academic credentials quickly and easily through the NAD portal, eliminating the need for manual verification processes.

4.  Accessibility : Students and alumni can access their academic records and certificates online, making it convenient for job applications, further studies, or any other purposes that require proof of qualifications.

5.  Cost-Effective : NAD can reduce administrative costs associated with the storage and verification of physical documents, benefiting both educational institutions and verifying organizations.

To leverage the National Academic Depository for degree verification through CT University, you can visit the official NAD website or contact CT University's administrative or academic departments for guidance on how they are implementing NAD and how you can use the platform for verifying degrees issued by the university. This digital approach to degree verification helps enhance trust, efficiency, and convenience in the educational and employment sectors.