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Under the National Education Policy-2020, the Government of India is embarking on a transformative journey to empower students nationwide through the innovative "Academic Bank of Credits" (ABC) system. This visionary initiative is poised to quench the thirst for knowledge among students by offering a flexible academic framework that enables them to tailor their educational paths to their individual aspirations.

The ABC system is a groundbreaking digital platform meticulously designed to facilitate seamless mobility for students within and between degree-granting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). At its core, the ABC system revolves around a formalized structure of credit recognition, accumulation, transfers, and redemption. Its primary aim is to foster distributed and flexible teaching and learning, ensuring that education becomes more accessible and adaptable to the unique needs of each student.

Key features of the ABC system include:

1.   Credit Accumulation and Recognition:   Students can accumulate credits for courses and educational achievements. These credits are recognized and accepted by various HEIs, creating a standardized and transparent system for tracking educational progress.

2.   Credit Transfers:   The ABC system allows students to transfer their earned credits seamlessly between institutions. This means that if a student decides to switch universities or pursue a different course, their earned credits can be applied, reducing redundancy and promoting efficient education pathways.

3.   Credit Redemption:   Students have the option to redeem their accumulated credits to meet the requirements of their chosen degree programs. This flexibility empowers students to customize their academic journey.

4.   DigiLocker Integration:   Students with DigiLocker accounts can register for a unique ABC ID and access an interactive dashboard that tracks their credit accumulation. This digital integration streamlines the process for students.

5.   Choice-Based Credit Transfer:   The ABC platform introduces a choice-based credit transfer mechanism, enabling students to make informed decisions about their academic pursuits. This empowers them to choose the courses and learning experiences that align with their goals.

In summary, the "Academic Bank of Credits" (ABC) system is a revolutionary step toward democratizing education in India. It provides students with the tools and flexibility they need to craft their educational journeys, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. Through this initiative, the Government of India aims to lay the foundation for a more responsive and dynamic higher education ecosystem.

ABC Nodal Officer:

Dr. Nikhil Monga (


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