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About CT University

CT University (CTU) is dedicated to providing a technologically advanced, ultra-modern, academically and socially vibrant campus that fosters a safe and supportive educational environment for all its students. It is a multi-disciplinary, student-centric, industry-driven, and research-focused university that offers a comprehensive range of academic programs at the diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. CTU's campus has been digitally transformed to align with the goals of the New Education Policy.

Some of the noteworthy features of CT University include:

  • 24*7 Robotics & Automation Lab: CTU has a dedicated lab for robotics and automation, allowing students to explore and innovate in these cutting-edge fields.
  • BOSCH Lab: This lab likely focuses on collaborations with BOSCH, a global technology and engineering company, to provide students with hands-on experience in relevant areas.
  • Research & Innovation for Excellence Working Lab: CTU emphasizes research and innovation, providing students with a conducive environment to conduct research and innovate in their chosen fields.
  • Fashion Industry Involvement: CTU has entered the fashion industry by launching its brand, 'Fab CT,' indicating that it offers programs related to fashion and design.
  • School of Hotel Management & Airline Tourism: The university offers programs in hotel management and airline tourism, with 'Aryana Bakery' established as part of these offerings, with outlets on the campus itself.
  • Healthcare Partnerships: CTU has collaborated with various healthcare institutions, including Super Specialty Hospital Mohali, IVY Health & Life Sciences P Ltd, Indus Healthcare, Sankara Eye Hospital, Mohandai Oswal Hospital, among others, likely offering programs related to optometry and healthcare.
  • IBM Tie-Up: The University has partnered with IBM for programs in BBA, MBA, BCA, and B.Tech, indicating a strong emphasis on technology and business education.


Overall, CT University appears to provide a diverse and technologically advanced educational environment with a focus on research, innovation, and industry collaboration. It offers a wide range of programs in various fields and strives to prepare students for success in their chosen careers.

The CT Group has swiftly emerged as a prominent presence in the academic world. Its origin can be traced back to the formation of the CT Educational Society in 1997. The CT Group is an extensive network of educational institutions, encompassing CT University, CT Institutions, and two schools.
For the past two decades, the CT Group has played a monumental role in delivering high-quality education, spanning from school-level to higher education. It has not only nurtured professionals but has also shaped the leaders of tomorrow.

The CT Group, through its educational institutions in higher education, namely CTU in Ludhiana (a state private university) and CT Institutions in Jalandhar (comprising 16 professional institutes affiliated with government universities across two campuses), offers a wide range of programs. These programs cover various disciplines, including engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, architecture and design, hotel management and airline tourism, as well as sciences, arts, commerce, and education, among others.