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03 Jun, 2024

The Lawyers’ Conclave: A Vision for Excellence at the School of Law, CT University

School: School of Law

The School of Law at CT University recently hosted a Lawyers’ Conclave, bringing together esteemed legal professionals to deliberate on strategies for elevating the School of Law to the pinnacle of legal education in the Punjab region. This event served as a confluence of ideas, experiences, and foresight, aimed at charting a roadmap for the institution's future.

Present at the session were Vice Chairman Mr. Harpeet Singh, Registrar Dr. Vipul Yadav, and Dean Academics and Principal of the School of Law, Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill.

The conclave commenced with an inaugural session, graced by Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill, who welcomed the distinguished guests and highlighted the university’s commitment to excellence in legal education. She emphasized the importance of such interactions in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The event featured several panel discussions with 15 senior advocates, each focusing on different aspects of legal education and practice. These discussions provided a platform for lawyers to share their insights and propose actionable strategies. One of the key speakers, Mr. PS Ghuman, ex-Vice President and senior advocate of District and Sessions Courts, Ludhiana, highlighted the need for innovative teaching methods such as case-based learning, moot courts, and legal clinics. These methods, he suggested, would engage students more effectively and enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills.

Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill stated, "The Lawyers’ Conclave at the School of Law, CT University, was a significant step towards achieving the institution’s vision of becoming the leading law school in the Punjab region. The insights and recommendations from esteemed legal professionals provided a clear and actionable roadmap for the future. By implementing these strategies, the School of Law at CT University can enhance its curriculum, foster a robust research culture, build valuable collaborations, integrate cutting-edge legal technology, and engage its alumni network to provide an unparalleled legal education experience."

The conclave concluded with a commitment to adopt the recommendations and strategies discussed, ensuring that the School of Law at CT University continues its journey towards educational excellence and becomes a beacon of legal education in the region.

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