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05 Feb, 2024

School Of Health Sciences Observes World Cancer Day With Inspirational Event

School: School of Health Sciences

To mark World Cancer Day, the School of Health Sciences at CT University organized a significant event to raise awareness about the global impact of cancer and underscore the importance of prevention, detection, and treatment.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from students who dedicated their time and creativity to prepare impactful posters and deliver insightful speeches. The initiative aimed to educate and inspire the community about the importance of early detection, healthy lifestyle choices, and the ongoing efforts in the field of cancer research.

Dr. Apurva, Head of School of Health Sciences graced the occasion with her presence.

The event featured a display of student-prepared posters that conveyed powerful messages about cancer prevention, highlighting the role of a healthy lifestyle, regular screenings, and public awareness campaigns. The speeches delivered by students showcased their dedication to making a positive impact on the community by spreading knowledge and encouraging proactive measures against cancer.

Dr. Apurva said "We believe that education and awareness are key components in the fight against cancer. By involving our students in initiatives like these, we not only empower them with knowledge but also contribute to the larger goal of creating a healthier and more informed society."

Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Abhishek Tripathi added, “Events like these epitomize our commitment to societal well-being and underscore the pivotal role that educational institutions play in shaping responsible and proactive citizens.”

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