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12 Apr, 2024

CT University Celebrates Baisakhi with a Message of Unity

The spirit of Baisakhi, marking the onset of spring and the end of the harvest season, was celebrated with fervour and unity at CT University. The students of CT University came together to spread messages of hope and passion.

Punjabi and international students alike adorned themselves in the vibrant colours of Baisakhi, showcasing the rich cultural diversity present on campus. The celebration served as a reminder of the unity that binds us all together, transcending borders and backgrounds.

CT University’s Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Abhishek Tripathi said ‘We take pride in fostering an inclusive environment where students from all walks of life come together to celebrate and embrace each other's traditions. The Baisakhi celebration exemplifies the university's commitment to promoting cultural exchange and harmony among its diverse students.

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