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15 Nov, 2023

CT University Unveils Solar E-Bike for Creativelo Pilot Project: A Beacon of Sustainability and Innovation

School: School of Engineering and Technology

CT University proudly introduces the Solar E-Bike as a flagship initiative within the Creativelo Pilot Project. Spearheaded by the social innovation startup 1Gen, this groundbreaking endeavor seeks to cultivate sustainable solutions through academic excellence.

Under the leadership of Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Project Incharge, and the collective effort of a dedicated team comprising students from the Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science departments, the Solar E-Bike has successfully come to fruition. This cutting-edge vehicle transcends its role as mere transportation; it emerges as a powerful tool designed to elevate awareness about environmental protection, climate change, and overall well-being.

Students also took the initiative to visit different nearby villages, becoming ambassadors for environmental awareness. Through interactive sessions and demonstrations, they shared insights about the Solar E-Bike and emphasized the critical importance of environmental sustainability within local communities

Dr. Sachit, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, and Dr. Jimmy Singla, Head of the School of Engineering and Technology, commend the relentless efforts of the interdisciplinary team involved in bringing this project to life.

Expressing gratitude to 1Gen for this invaluable opportunity, Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Pro Vice Chancellor of CT University, lauds the collaborative spirit that made this venture possible. He remarks, "At CT University, we foster an environment that nurtures innovation and creativity. The Solar E-Bike stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when diverse talents unite for a common cause."

The Solar E-Bike is more than a mode of transportation; it symbolizes a commitment to a greener and healthier future. As it embarks on its journey, CT University aims to inspire individuals to actively contribute to the global conversation on environmental sustainability and health.

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