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To obtain information about Garnet Gateway or any similar parent access portal at CT University, I recommend taking the following steps:

1.  Visit the Official Website : Go to the official website of CT University. They typically provide information about online portals and services available to students and parents. Look for a "Parents" or "Parent Access" section on their website.

2.  Contact the University : You can contact the university's administration or helpdesk through their official contact information. They can provide details about how parents can access Garnet Gateway or any other relevant parent portal.

3.  Parent Orientation : Some universities conduct parent orientations or provide information during admission or orientation events for parents. Check if there are any upcoming orientation sessions where you can learn about accessing Garnet Gateway.

4.  Ask Current Students or Parents : If you know someone who is currently attending or has attended CT University, they may be able to provide insights into how parents can access the portal.

5.  Email or Phone Support : Look for contact information for the university's IT support or helpdesk. They can often assist with technical issues or access questions.

It's important to note that access to such portals may require specific credentials or registration, and the university's policies and procedures may have changed since my last update. Therefore, contacting the university directly is the most reliable way to get the current and accurate information regarding Garnet Gateway access for parents at CT University in Ludhiana.