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PG Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism Management


The Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism Management is an advanced program designed to cultivate expertise in the hospitality and tourism industries. Covering areas such as hotel operations, guest services, event management, and tourism marketing, the program equips students with strategic management skills. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training, graduates are prepared for leadership roles in the dynamic and competitive fields of hotel management and tourism.

Industry Immersion

The industry immersion component of the PG Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism Management involves hands-on experiences within the hospitality and tourism sectors. This may include internships with hotels, resorts, travel agencies, or tourism boards. Students engage in practical activities such as managing guest services, event planning, and participating in day-to-day operations. Additionally, industry collaborations, site visits, and exposure to industry professionals contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality and tourism industries. This immersion ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the complexities and demands of managing hospitality and tourism enterprises.

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Admission criteria

Merit in CT-SET, subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria.




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