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Bachelor of Business Administration (with Bajaj Finserv Specialisation in E-Commerce/ Digital Marketing/ Financial Services/ Human Resource (HR)/ Marketing Management)


The BBA program with Bajaj Finserv Specialization offers a unique blend of business administration education with a focus on specialized areas such as E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Financial Services, Human Resource (HR), or Marketing Management. Students gain a solid foundation in business principles, management practices, and leadership skills. The program then delves into the specific specialization chosen, providing in-depth knowledge and practical skills relevant to the chosen field.

1. **E-Commerce:** Focuses on the principles and strategies of online business, including website development, digital sales, and electronic transactions.

2. **Digital Marketing:** Explores the dynamic world of digital advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and data analytics to create effective online marketing campaigns.

3. **Financial Services:** Covers the intricacies of financial management, investment analysis, risk assessment, and banking services in the context of the financial industry.

4. **Human Resource (HR):** Concentrates on HR practices, talent management, employee relations, and organizational behavior to prepare students for roles in human resource management.

5. **Marketing Management:** Emphasizes marketing strategies, consumer behavior, brand management, and market research to equip students for positions in marketing and sales.

This specialized BBA program with Bajaj Finserv is designed to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of business operations while allowing them to develop expertise in a specific area aligned with their career interests. It aims to prepare graduates for diverse roles in the chosen specialization within the broader business landscape.

Industry Immersion

The industry immersion component of BBA with Bajaj Finserv Specialization involves practical exposure and hands-on experiences in the chosen field of specialization. Here's how the immersion might look for each specialization:

1. **E-Commerce:** Students may participate in internships with e-commerce companies, working on tasks such as managing online platforms, analyzing customer behavior, and optimizing the user experience. This could include exposure to inventory management, digital payment systems, and logistics.

2. **Digital Marketing:** Immersion in digital marketing could involve internships with marketing agencies or in-house marketing teams. Students may work on real campaigns, social media management, SEO strategies, and analytics, gaining practical insights into the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape.

3. **Financial Services:** Students specializing in financial services could engage in internships with financial institutions, investment firms, or banks. This might involve tasks related to financial analysis, risk assessment, client services, and exposure to various financial products and services.

4. **Human Resource (HR):** HR-focused immersion may include internships with HR departments in companies. Students could be involved in recruitment processes, employee engagement initiatives, training programs, and understanding the regulatory aspects of HR management.

5. **Marketing Management:** Immersion for marketing management might involve internships in marketing departments of companies. Students could be engaged in market research, brand management, product launches, and marketing strategy development.

These industry immersions are designed to provide students with practical experiences, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. It also helps them develop essential skills, build professional networks, and gain a deeper understanding of the industry they are specializing in. Industry mentors and real-world projects contribute to a holistic learning experience, preparing students for successful careers in their chosen field of specialization.

eligibility criteria

10+2 or equivalent in any stream with English as a compulsory subject from a recognized board and having atleast 50% marks. (5% relaxation for SC Category)

Admission criteria

Merit in CT-SET, subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria.




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