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School of Engineering & Technology

The School of Engineering and Technology visions a more inclusive socially connected and scholarly engineering education. Our engineering courses enable students to use their skills, intelligence and creativity to tackle any engineering challenge. The School is one of the most industrially-engaged within the University, with graduates providing a higher-than-average economic impact when they enter the workplace.

The School of Engineering and Technology offers a dynamic fusion of engineering disciplines including  Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering to address Research and Education needs for the 21st century with specialization in Cyber Security and Forensics ,Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Collaboration with IBM, Automobile Engineering, Electrical Vehicle And Robotics & Automation. The verdant eco-friendly  Environments in which SOET exists ,gives great platform for younger Engineering and designer to envision  and create the fresh ideas.

School of Engineering and Technology has the opportunity to take up several research projects related to latest fields like Artificial Intelligence, Automobile, Environmental Related, Robotics, Cyber Security and Machine Learning etc.  This opens up a lot of interesting project possibilities for students, including working on live projects implemented here at Robotics lab, Computer Labs, IOT Labs, MAD labs, BOSCH LAB, RICS Labs in CT University.


1. Bringing industry-academia interface through a distinctive academic curriculum. 2. To provide state-of-the-art architecture and effective delivery to nurture student lifelong learning. 3. To facilitate student and faculty exchange programmes with internationally recognized universities.


To be committed to bring out the technocrats and future leaders having utmost excellence in Engineering, Research, Innovation and Technology who can serve the nation in an indispensable manner along with high moral values.

Message From HOS'S Desk

Prof.(Dr.) Manpreet Sehgal

It gives me an immense pleasure to greet and welcome you all on behalf of the School of Engineering & Technology. Your decision to join CT University is just the beginning of a highly rewarding Professional career. Over the years, CT University established itself as a favorite destination for the students of this region. It has huge infrastructure, fully developed Labs, a library with wide range of collections and a large fleet of highly experienced faculty. Our students come from different walks of life and bring with them high ambitions and dreams to make a difference in the society. We cultivate cultural confidence, professional competence, and versatility in our students. We inspire their creative minds and help them to have an international perspective. It is our endeavor to constantly evolve curriculum support to our students. As an established professional institution, we are aware of the fact that our responsibility does not cease by just producing the graduates, but help them to get suitable employment during their study tenure. To enhance their employability, we arrange addition support to empower them with latest technological knowledge. You will be happy to note that the Training and Placement Cell of CTU has been continuously helping our students to successfully undertake their career with various industries even at leadership positions in multinational and local companies. The mystery of our success is on our belief that a good academic model along with a commitment to provide quality is the key for the success of higher education institutions. As a learning organization we are focused on continuous improvement, responsive to community needs and making useful contributions to education, knowledge and the society at large. So, once again, I welcome you to the CT University and invite you to be a proud member of this ever-growing family.
Best Wishes!
Prof.(Dr.) Manpreet Sehgal
Head of the School
School of Engineering and Technology

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Highest Package Offer

₹51 LPA Highest Salary Package

Exclusive Labs

Microsoft Innovation Center, IBM Software Lab For Emerging Technologies, Oracle Academy Lab, Unisys Innovation Labs


offers scholarships upto 32 crores


More than 80% of students have secured placements


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CT University’s commitment to provide an environment for excellence in Research and Development in all disciplines is arguably the best. The spectrum of CTU research activities makes the academic environment very unique that brings out the best out of creative thinking and provides the pathway to boarding, supporting, and carving highly-skilled researchers. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Eos error ipsa ex incidunt cupiditate illum quos fuga iusto optio distinctio. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. At, velit suscipit esse modi recusandae, alias distinctio eos commodi praesentium enim a laboriosam quam. Ad accusantium impedit nobis itaque perspiciatis sequi. Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Necessitatibus hic architecto harum delectus rem magni dolorem, eum nam veniam! Dolor corporis dolorum neque rem praesentium adipisci est ipsam tempora repellendus! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Doloribus, et nulla, adipisci mollitia asperiores suscipit sed ad a eligendi necessitatibus veritatis facere provident animi! Repellat tempora sed omnis et repudiandae?

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