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Vehicle Ventilation Regulation device

The present invention relates to a vehicle ventilation regulating device that maintains the flow of pure air inside the vehicle by restricting the flow of polluted air present in the surrounding to enter inside the vehicle based on the choice of the user, thereby maintaining the health of the user from inhaling polluted air.

In this present invention a vehicle ventilation regulating device comprises, a push button manually operated by a user to enable ON, OFF or AUTO modes that results in opening or closing of an air inlet flap attached on grills present near windscreen of the vehicle, an air quality sensor fixed with bonnet of vehicle, air quality sensor is smoke detection sensor, smoke  detection sensor detects presence of airborne particulate and unfavorable gases outside the vehicle, a controller (Arduino Uno) connected with the sensor receive and translate output generated by the smoke detection sensor and comparing the output with threshold value of air quality, a motorized attachment  affixed to the flap that rotates the flap for opening or closing the grills, in ON mode flap opens to allow entry of air inside the vehicle, in OFF mode flap closes to stop entry of air inside the vehicle and allows entry of air  when , in AUTO mode opening/closing of flaps takes place to allow/stop the entry of air inside the vehicle according to sensor output comparable to the first threshold value (maximum air quality)