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CT University and AIESEC Organize World Talk Cafe to Foster Global Dialogue and Understanding Students and esteemed guests from Tunisia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Romania, Algeria, Egypt, and Mexico participate. Ludhiana, 25th May 2023 – CT University, in association with AIESEC Ludhiana, hosted a remarkable event, the World Talk Café. The World Talk Cafe served as a platform for open dialogue and meaningful discussions on global topics, bringing together students, faculty, and distinguished guests from various backgrounds. This event not only enriched participants’ knowledge but also contributed to fostering a culture of dialogue and understanding within the university community. The World Talk Cafe witnessed the participation of students and esteemed guests from Tunisia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Romania, Algeria, Egypt, and Mexico. The diverse representation from these countries added a unique perspective to the conversations, promoting cross-cultural understanding and the exchange of ideas.

The event comprised engaging sessions and interactive discussions on pressing global issues such as climate change, social justice, sustainable development, and cultural diversity. Participants actively shared their insights, experiences, and innovative solutions to these challenges, making the World Talk Cafe a platform for constructive dialogue. Speaking about the event, Ati Priye, Director, Planning and development at CT University, stated, “The World Talk Cafe was an incredible opportunity for our students and faculty to connect with individuals from different countries and cultures. By facilitating these conversations, we aimed to broaden horizons, encourage critical thinking, and inspire action towards a better world.”

Harpreet Singh, Vice Chairman of CT University, said, “The World Talk Cafe provided a nurturing environment for students to engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain new perspectives, and develop a deeper understanding of global issues. Through this event, CT University and AIESEC demonstrated their commitment to promoting global awareness and fostering an inclusive campus community.” The success of the World Talk Cafe owes gratitude to the organizing committee and volunteers whose collective efforts made the event possible. Their dedication and enthusiasm contributed to the vibrant atmosphere and the exchange of ideas that took place during the event.

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