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School of Law, CT University organizes visit to Central Jail Ludhiana

School of Law, CT University organized visit to Central Jail Ludhiana, The visit aimed to provide students with first-hand experience and a deeper understanding of prison life and administration.

Under the guidance of DSP Kanwar Bhuvan Pratap Singh, students received comprehensive briefings on daily jail operations, security protocols, rehabilitation initiatives, and legal aid services. Interacting directly with inmates, they gained invaluable insights into their experiences and challenges within the prison system.

The visit also included a tour of various prison facilities, where students witnessed firsthand the productive endeavors of inmates in areas such as the canteen, furniture making, and bakery. Jail officials highlighted programs aimed at equipping inmates with skills and education to facilitate their reintegration into society upon release.

Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Gill, Dean Academics and Principal of the School of Law, CT University, emphasized the importance of practical learning experiences in complementing classroom studies and fostering a holistic understanding of the legal system.

She Said “This immersive experience provided students with practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Indian prison system, complementing their studies at the School of Law, CT University. Additionally, the proposal for book and magazine donations to Central Jail, Ludhiana, was warmly received, reflecting the students' commitment to making a positive impact beyond the classroom.”

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