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CT Launchpad Overview

Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in driving economic development in a country. CT University has established CT Launchpad Federation, a Section 8 company registered under the Companies Act 2013, as a hub for fostering entrepreneurship. Our commitment is to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of our students and alumni and to empower individuals to help themselves through innovation and entrepreneurship.

CT Launchpad serves as a platform for new, small, and medium-sized enterprises, offering skill-building activities essential for enterprise development and management. We act as intermediaries between our students and industry experts. To gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, CT Launchpad emphasizes research and conducts short-term programs, interviews, speaker sessions, competitions, industry interactions, mentoring, and more.

Objective of CT Launchpad

  • Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit: Organizing activities, events, and lectures to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in our youth.
  • Establishing an Entrepreneurial Cell: Creating a pathway for students to connect with CT Launchpad.
  • Mentoring: Providing guidance from our in-house faculty and industry experts to support budding entrepreneurial students and alumni.
  • Encouraging Competition: Nominating CT students for various inter and intra-college entrepreneurial competitions to foster a competitive spirit.
  • Industry Interface: Coordinating and offering live project opportunities to participants for exposure to industry practices.
  • Startup Incubation: Facilitating the establishment of a startup incubation center within the institute to support budding startups at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Meet Our Incubates

CT Robotics Pvt. Ltd

Set up Research and Development Centers and train & educate

How do we Help You

Full Access to Top-of-the-Line Resources

Including cloud computing and storage credits, developer platforms, and payroll software in addition to drop-in office space and legal advice.

Global Networking Opportunities

To mingle with great minds across the globe by cohabitating and sharing ideas worth spreading through Inter-University Incubation Approach.

COE and Industry Exposure

A network of more than 150 corporates to exchange expertise and experiences, speeding up the learning curve.

Financial Support

Providing funds of upto INR 40Lac to budding entrepreneurs, letting them focus on the development of their ideas without other worries.

Discover the Launchpad Opportunities


Syncubator program will help you pitch your unique ideas to significant business entities. At this stage, you gain insights and mentorship from the sharpest brains of the industry.


You laid your ground now it is time for action. The Xcelerator will scale-up your startup by putting you on ground, dealing with investors, making strategies, and undertaking things practically.