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Each Faculty Member of CT University is propelled by the different areas of their interest , with the intention of–

  • Contributing to the society by providing tenable solutions to the modern problems.
  • Utilizing the Academia – Academia collaborations and Academia – Industrial collaborations undertaken by each school depending on the availability of expertise.

40 Books in Diverse Domains
70 Management Case Studies
521 International Researches
120 National Researches


3D printed ‘Seed Sowing Robot’

The robot’s structure is very viable for any kind of cultivating fields. The seed sowing robot consists of three broad parts. The first part consists of electronic components. I have used the ArduinoUno and the motor shield to control the robot. The second part consists of the main mechanical components which allow the robot to move in the field and the mechanism for seed sowing. The most important part is the third part. It consists of all the 3D printed parts. The main feature of the Seed Sowing Robot is to create a diagonal pattern for planting seeds. This helps to manage the distance between each plant while growing process. This project supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so it helps the farmer to control the robot from indoor. Also, the complete path for the robot of any field can be stored in the cloud.

Muscle sensing prosthesis hand

The prosthesis hand allows the amputee to hold and release any object in a fluent manner. The future work includes the artificial fingers and inbuilt sensors in the Prosthesis hand, that even allow the amputee to sense when they hold and release any object. “The loss of the limb is a traumatic event and this is particularly evident in the case of a hand amputation. Having this in mind, the main motive was to build a prosthesis hand that will be available to every amputee. This project can be a great step for medical developments.

Accident sensing module ,module to save lives by providing quick first aid.

This accident sensing module can be mounted on the dashboard of vehicle and will be connected to the smart phone of driver via Bluetooth through an android app. If any impactful collision occurs, the sensor will generate a signal and an emergency message along with location will be sent to the registered emergency contacts, nearby hospitals, police stations, toll plazas and nearby vehicles having the same android application. Thus this module can save lives by providing quick first aid or medical assistance to accident victims. It is equipped with an unique AVR processor based sensing system which senses the fatal accident impact only and do not sense road jerks and sudden braking or acceleration impact. This sensing technology can sense collision from any direction of vehicle.