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International Conference on Small Satellite (ICSS-2022) (29-30 April 2022) Small Satellite Services 2 Anybody Anywhere Anytime (3S 2 3A)

This has been the second event in the country and first by any University especially for highlighting the cutting-edge technological aspects of small satellite missions and business. This flagship conference explored the realms of a variety of payload designs for small satellites and their applications.

Understanding percolation driven magneto-dielectric effect in composite systems

This work aims the study the magnetic dielectric effect on the novel pyrochlores-based composite systems whose magnetic and charges ordering are coupled through percolation clusters.

Possible alternatives to rice-wheat cropping system in Punjab, India

Rice-wheat cropping cycle in Punjab, India suffers from sustainability issues. This project is a quest and evaluation of the possible alternatives to this rice-wheat cropping system in Punjab, India.

3rd International Conference on Functional Materials, Manufacturing and Performances (ICFMMP-2022)

The objective of the ICFMMP-2022 is to review the state of knowledge, present the results of scientific work, implementations, and innovations, as well as discuss and exchange experience in the field of Materials Science, Processing, and Manufacturing for various industrial applications like aerospace, automobile, marine, and biomedical.