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Research Enablement

1.  Research Funding and Grants:  Providing access to research grants and funding opportunities to support research projects. This includes facilitating the application process and assisting researchers in securing external funding.

2.  Research Facilities:  Offering state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, and research spaces. These facilities should be well-maintained and equipped with the latest technology and resources.

3.  Research Administration:  Establishing administrative support to manage research-related tasks, such as proposal submissions, grant management, and compliance with funding agency guidelines.

4.  Library Resources:  Ensuring access to a vast collection of research literature, academic journals, databases, and digital resources. Librarians can provide assistance in finding relevant materials.

5.  Technology and IT Support:  Providing researchers with access to high-performance computing resources, software, and IT support for data management, analysis, and storage.

6.  Ethics and Compliance Oversight:  Implementing processes and committees (e.g., Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) to ensure research ethics and compliance with regulations in areas like human subjects research and animal research.

7.  Research Skill Development:  Offering workshops, training, and mentorship programs to enhance researchers' skills in areas such as data analysis, statistical methods, and research proposal writing.

8.  Collaboration and Networking Opportunities:  Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and creating platforms for researchers to connect with peers, both within the university and externally.

9.  Grantsmanship Support:  Providing assistance with grant proposal writing, budget development, and review to increase the likelihood of successful grant applications.

10.  Research Ethics and Integrity Training:  Ensuring that researchers are aware of and adhere to ethical standards and principles in research, including responsible conduct of research.

11.  Research Impact and Dissemination Support:  Assisting researchers in effectively communicating their findings through academic publications, conferences, and public outreach.

12.  Research Data Management:  Implementing policies and services for the proper collection, storage, sharing, and preservation of research data.

13.  Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Transfer:  Offering guidance on intellectual property rights and the commercialization of research results, including patenting and technology transfer.

14.  Research Incentives:  Establishing incentive programs, such as awards, recognition, and research sabbaticals, to motivate and reward researchers for their contributions.

15.  Research Assessment and Evaluation:  Developing a framework for assessing and evaluating the impact and quality of research conducted within the university.

16.  Community and Industry Engagement:  Fostering collaboration with local communities, industry partners, and external organizations to enhance the relevance and impact of research.

17.  Support for Early Career Researchers:  Providing mentorship, grants, and resources specifically aimed at supporting the research efforts of early career researchers, including graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

18.  Funding for Conference Attendance and Research Travel:  Offering financial support for researchers to attend conferences, workshops, and research-related travel.

19.  Research Communication and Outreach:  Assisting researchers in effectively communicating their work to a wider audience, including the public and policymakers.

How we help our researchers..

Research Excellence Awards are presented to the achievers during Teachers day celebration every year. In "A++" category, Research Excellence Award comprises, one week's visit to any International University in the top 200 Universities (as per THE/QS ranking). In the Research Appreciation Award, "A+" category composed of a cash award of Rs. 50000, "A" category is composed of a cash award of Rs. 40000, "B++" category includes a cash award of Rs. 30000, and "B+: has a cash award of Rs. 10000. Two more awards University is offering, Research Impact Award (Citations) has a cash award of Rs. 10000, University Research Funding Award comprises Research Grant from external funding agency more than or equal to 1crore INR but up to 3 crores INR , cash award of Rs. 50000 and Research Grant from external funding agency more than or equal to 3 crores INR has the award of 1 Week visit (including travel dates) to any one International University in top 200 Universities.

CT is committed to increase the exposure of its faculty and staff by encouraging them to attend national and international conferences, collaborative research work, workshops, seminars and symposia for their professional growth and excellence. University provides support to its research community by providing them travel grant, which can be up to 40000 INR, to meet the expenses of attending research related events.

The research contribution of the CT faculty helps them to earn leave points which can be availed as leaves for attending research and academic related events.

The goals of USCG are to foster greater dissemination of the work of CT Scholars, Showcase intellectual productivity of the University across the world and to support innovative models of scholarly publishing. This grant is available to CT community where in University shares the article processing charges for publishing papers in journals of repute. (Journals indexed in WoS/Scopus).

Principal and co-investigators of the externally sponsored research projects are provided 25% of overhead charges as well relaxation in the teaching load.