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1. Trendsetter:

  •      A trendsetter in a university setting is someone who is known for setting trends or being ahead of the curve in terms of fashion, style, or lifestyle choices.
  •      They may be the first to adopt new fashion trends, start a new club or organization on campus, or introduce unique and creative ideas.
  •      Trendsetters often have a strong personal style and the ability to influence the fashion or lifestyle choices of others on campus.
  •      They are not necessarily promoting brands or products; they are more about personal style and originality.

2. Influencer:

  •      An influencer in a university context is typically someone who has a significant online presence, particularly on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.
  •      They have a following that looks up to them for advice, recommendations, or insights on various topics, such as fashion, beauty, fitness, academics, or lifestyle.
  •      University influencers may collaborate with brands or promote products to their followers, often in exchange for compensation or free products.
  •      Their influence extends beyond the campus, as they can have a broader online audience.

Supporting the major health cause raised in the upcoming bollywood movie ‘PadMan’, students of CT Group of Institutions, Maqsudan Campus promoted the trending ‘PadMan Challenge’ by holding sanitary pads.

CT University, Ludhiana organised an inter-school Kabaddi Tournament at its campus.

CT students celebrated holi with dry colors and flowers.

HMV College bags overall trophy & Rs 21000 at Fusion 2018

Hair styling competition organized at CT University