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The residential facilities at the university offer an impressive dining experience. These dining halls are dedicated to providing students with not only delicious but also hygienic food. In fact, they serve up to four meals a day, ensuring that students have access to regular and satisfying meals.

What's truly remarkable is the scale of this operation. Each day, the dedicated kitchen staff prepares over 1 lakh meals. This substantial number underscores the commitment to meeting the dietary needs of the university's resident students. It's a testament to the effort and efficiency that goes into ensuring that every student has access to wholesome and nourishing food.

The quality and hygiene of the food are of paramount importance, reflecting the university's commitment to the well-being of its students. These dining facilities provide a convenient and welcoming environment for students to enjoy their meals, promoting a sense of community and fostering healthy eating habits.

In essence, the provision of good quality and hygienic food four times a day, with such a large number of meals being prepared daily, is a testament to the university's dedication to the overall welfare and satisfaction of its resident students. It ensures that students have access to nutritious meals that meet their dietary needs, contributing to their well-being and overall campus experience.