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At CT University, we understand the need of ever demanding and amalgamated society and always thrive for the betterment of our students. As the world is moving towards Industrial 4.0, to match the needs of society, the Career Counseling and Development Centre has been set up to provide in-house support and counseling sessions to combat the professional/ career related snags of students. CCDC helps them to road map the future journey of their dream career. The students at different stages of life get stuck in mazes to find the successful career option as per their abilities and the skill sets they own. With a variety of career-oriented activities, CCDC helps the students to illuminate their path in such difficult situations by providing guidance and helping them to acquire the skills as needed.


  • To provide professional guidance to enhance the employability of students and to encourage their future career growth.
  • To partner with university schools, departments, and faculties to coordinate tailored services to meet the needs of students of diverse academic backgrounds and career interests.
  • To conduct the survey on student’s needs and suggestions regarding career-related activities.
  • To develop the awareness of the competitive world among the students and to equip them with the essential skills for future success
  • To provide them guidance for higher education at National and International institutions.
  • To expand student employment opportunities by providing in-house and external internships platforms to connect and interact with targeted careers.
  • To enhance the global perspective and social consciousness of students, and to form responsible citizens who can contribute to and lead the global community
  • To raise awareness of organizational competence and ethics and to foster best practices amongst students.


Career Services

Soft Skill Enhancement

Inhouse Internship cell

Career Counseling


S. Charanjit Singh Channi (Chairman)

Welcome to CT University, India’s leading Industry driven University. CT University having a legacy of 25+ years has been delineated, modeled and governed to produce the future entrepreneurs with a great zeal and enthusiasm. My vision is to be Excellent, Engaged and Accessible and internationally recognized for our leadership in: Empowering a diverse community of students to grow their capabilities, transform their lives and find true success through high quality teaching and learning. Engaging with industry and community to make the world a better place through the creation, sharing and use of new knowledge Other than this. Life is a journey that is not meant to be made safely. I lived my life in a way, That when I look back at my life I usually say Aah i lived it, not survived it. Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get.” Of course, there are times when it’s difficult to feel cheery or positive – life can be difficult, but always see the cup as half full instead of half empty. What we leave behind us is not always pretty, most of the time it’s messy, ugly and painful- which is exactly why we chose to leave it behind us and move on to more promising, hope filled seasons of our lives. Our lives are continuous journeys of hope and strength filled with good intentions and the desire to make our whole story a more beautiful and fulfilling experience. We are all connected by invisible threads of love, compassion and humanity. I am no different than you; I dream, hope and love just like you do. We are in this together, let’s take the time to understand, empower and encourage each other. Let’s believe in one another and remind ourselves that we are all fighting battles which we may know nothing about. Love! Laugh! Live! That’s it! Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai!!!

Dr. Manbir Singh (Pro Chancellor)

We are really proud to offer each and every one of our students a top-notch education that gives them the knowledge, experience, and self-assurance they need to stand out from the competition. CT University is among the top institutions in India according to our most recent Rankings, which give institutions high ratings for education, employability, internationalisation, facilities, and comprehensiveness. A 21st century education is about giving students the skills they need to succeed in this new world, and helping them grow the confidence to practice those skills and CT University is a fully Digitally Transformed University Campus to attain outcomes of New Education Policy. Galaxy of Renowned Academicians and Corporate Leaders across the globe & faculty holding doctorate degrees are committed to deliver world class education to the students and Diversity emanating from Unity runs through the arteries of CT University, with registrants from 25+ countries and 28 Indian states. We place more focus on skill development, and we encourage each of our students to reach their full potential. We want you to gain from your time here and leave one of our flexible degree programmes knowing that you have the knowledge, skills, and employability to launch your career in the direction you’ve chosen. We work on communication skills, soft skills, information technology abilities, industry interaction, and research work from the beginning of the course. This not only develops the student’s personality but also aids in future settlements. Our Students’, which provides a variety of clubs, organisations, entertainment options, and welfare services, makes it simple to make friends and try out novel experiences. I’m glad you’re thinking about CT University and I hope you decide to continue your education here. I hope your studies go well and am looking forward to seeing you on campus soon.

Mr. Harpreet Singh (Vice Chairman)

We at CT University are excited to give you the essential learning tools you need to achieve your career and personal goals. You’ll discover that CT University offers a unique community that distinguishes us from competitors. Our infrastructure is huge with equipped laboratories, highly qualified and motivated faculty, who work with commitment and dedication for the cause of education and research. Our top priority is ensuring that you advance intellectually, academically, and otherwise, and that you graduate fully prepared to enter the workforce both locally and globally. Our goal is to prepare you to participate effectively in the Fifth Industrial Revolution, in which technology is transforming all facets of our lives, including the workplace and our homes. The best academic minds from all around the world may be found at CT University, where they will help you succeed academically. The University is pursuing the holistic approach as an education bereft of values is meaningless and not worthy of promotion. Education is meant to inculcate the right values among students to produce socially sensitive citizens. Thus it encourages not only curricular activities, but also co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities All the programs offered by CT University follow the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with Outcome Based Approach. The flexibility in the curriculum has been designed with industry-specific goals in mind and the educator enjoys complete freedom to appropriate the syllabus by incorporating the latest knowledge and stimulating the creative minds of the students. Benchmarked with the curriculum of various institutions of repute, our curriculum is extremely contemporary and is a result of brainstorming efforts of great think-tanks: a large number of doctoral faculty members, experts from industries and research level organizations. The evaluation mechanism employs continuous assessment with cumulative grade point averages. We believe sincerely that it will meet the aspirations of all stakeholders – students, parents and the employers of the graduates and postgraduates of CT University. The best investment you can make is choosing CT University as your academic home.