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Smart Strap for Mask

As we all know that Covid cases are increasing again with New mutated Variant Omicron. We have to take precaution like sanitizing, safe distance and Wearing mask. Most of the people are not wearing mask and if they are wearing by any mean they are not covering the nose completely.
Having this issue in mind, Dr. Harmeet Singh, Deputy Director IPR Cell, CT University and the inventor of the smart strap has filed a patent that can detect whether the person is covering the nose completely or not. Dr. Harmeet Singh added, “We have used a strap with a sensor that can hold the mask and at the same time can detect the pressure on the neck. The algorithm will detect the position of the mask based upon the pressure on the neck.” The Prototype was developed in the robotics Lab with the help of lab technician Gurkirat singh and Satyam Gupta BCA 3rd Year Student in one week. The best part of this sensorized strap is that it can be used with any mask either the surgical mask or N95 mask. Now we are working on Smart N95 mask that can detect the same but with more features.