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Glassifier: The Glass Finder (Check my Glass)

Covid-19 has taught us many things. Are you conscious about the problem of used glasses in a party or in a Bar and hygiene of using other person’s glasses, Prof. (Dr.) Amit Kumar, HoS- School of Hotel Management, Airlines and Tourism and Dr. Harmeet Singh, Deputy Director IPR Cell of the CT University came up with a idea to develop a device to solve this problem. The device was developed in Robotics lab with help of Lab Technician Gurkirat Singh and BCA Student Satyam Gupta. The Device consists of a Screen, RFID Reader and a controller. The Device was 3D Printed in the Robotics Lab. The main function of the device is to detect the actual user of the glass. Dr. Harmeet Singh added, that the user will put the glass on the Glassifier device and it will display the name of the person to whom the glass belongs. The glass has an integrated RFID tag and the glasses are completely washable. Further, Dr. Amit Kumar added, that this innovative device will solve many issues specially related to spread of infection or any diseases. This Glassifier device can be placed at any corner of the bar or home during parties. The future improvement will include the connectivity of the device with the server so that all the devices will be synchronised.