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S. Charanjit Singh Channi


My vision is to achieve excellence, active engagement, accessibility, and international recognition for our leadership. There are times when it's challenging to stay cheerful and positive – life can be tough. However, I believe in looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty.

What we leave behind us is not always perfect; more often than not, it's messy, unattractive, and painful. But that's precisely why we choose to leave it in the past and move on to more promising, hope-filled chapters of our lives. Our lives are continuous journeys filled with hope and strength, driven by good intentions and the desire to make our entire story a more beautiful and fulfilling experience.
Welcome to CT University, a leading institution in India with a legacy of over 25 years, dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurs of the future with great enthusiasm.
My vision is centered on achieving excellence, engagement, accessibility, and international recognition in the following key areas:

  • Empowering Students: We are committed to empowering a diverse community of students, enabling them to enhance their skills, transform their lives, and achieve true success through high-quality teaching and learning.
  • Industry and Community Engagement: Through active collaboration with industry and the community, we aim to contribute to making the world a better place by creating, sharing, and applying new knowledge.

Life is a journey that should be lived to the fullest, not just survived. I have chosen to embrace life in such a way that when I look back, I can say, "I truly lived it." It's about making the most of every moment and living with passion and purpose.
As individuals, we are all connected by invisible threads of love, compassion, and humanity. Together, we can weave a more beautiful and fulfilling story for our lives.

Love! Laugh! Live!

That’s It!

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai!!!

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Dr. Manbir Singh

Pro Chancellor

CT University is proud to be recognized among the top institutions in India based on our recent rankings. These rankings highlight our excellence in education, employability, internationalization, facilities, and comprehensiveness.

We take great pride in offering our students a high-quality education that equips them with the knowledge, experience, and self-assurance needed to stand out in a competitive world.

In the 21st century, education is about providing students with the skills required to thrive in a rapidly changing world. CT University is fully aligned with this vision and has digitally transformed its campus to meet the objectives of the New Education Policy.

Our institution is home to a diverse and accomplished faculty, including renowned academicians and corporate leaders from around the world. We value diversity and unity, with students hailing from over 25 countries and 28 Indian states.

Our primary focus is on skill development, and we actively encourage each student to realize their full potential. We are committed to ensuring that you leave our flexible degree programs equipped with the knowledge, skills, and employability necessary to kickstart your career in your chosen direction.

Mr. Harpreet Singh

Vice Chairman

At CT University, we boast an extensive infrastructure that includes well-equipped laboratories. Our faculty is highly qualified and deeply motivated, working with unwavering commitment and dedication to the cause of education and research.

We are thrilled to offer you the essential tools for learning that will help you achieve your career and personal objectives. At CT University, you'll experience a unique community that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our primary focus is to ensure your intellectual and academic growth, preparing you comprehensively for both local and global employment opportunities. We aim to equip you for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, where technology is reshaping various aspects of our lives.

CT University boasts some of the finest academic minds from across the globe, who are dedicated to helping you excel academically.
Our university emphasizes a holistic approach to education, as it believes that education devoid of values lacks meaning and purpose. We aim to instill the right values in our students, nurturing socially sensitive citizens. This approach encompasses not only the curriculum but also co-curricular, extra-curricular, and extension activities.

All our programs follow the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) with an Outcome-Based Approach. The curriculum offers flexibility with industry-specific goals in mind, giving educators the freedom to incorporate the latest knowledge and stimulate students' creativity.
Our curriculum is highly contemporary, benchmarked against reputable institutions, and the result of collective efforts from a large number of doctoral faculty members, industry experts, and research organizations.

Assessment methods include continuous evaluation with cumulative grade point averages. We believe this approach aligns with the aspirations of all stakeholders – students, parents, and employers of CT University graduates and postgraduates.
Choosing CT University as your academic home is one of the best investments you can make in your educational journey.

Dr. Abhishek Tripathi



Dr. Abhishek Tripathi is Doctorate in Commerce and Business Management. He is a professional with 19 years of experience in banking and academics. He is Certified Management Accountant (USA), Chartered Wealth Manager (American Academy of Financial Management). He has an MBA in Financial Management from International American University, Los Angeles, California, USA. He is Master of Law in Business and Commercial Law. He is a graduate in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Portsmouth University (UK).

I am really happy to present before you, CT University, one of the leading universities of north India. We are known for our skill based pedagogy and industry collaborations. The National Academic Advisory Board and International Academic Board, help our University to frame our curriculum as per the national and international best practices. In CT University, students are first. Students are considered as the most important asset and we all are focussed towards the overall learning of the students. CT University has state of art infrastructure with major focus on labs for the experiential learning and skill based learning of students.

CT University has tied up with various industry giants like IBM, Infosys Springboard, Bajaj Finserv, CICU, Stockgro, Sankara Eye Hospital, Mohandai Oswal Hospital etc for the delivery of curriculum, internships and placements.

We have only one goal of making sure that our students learn, earn and get successful in their life.

Dr. Vipul Yadav



Dr. Vipul Yadav, a distinguished professional holding a Ph.D., MBA, and an MA in Economics, with an extensive 25-year journey in both academic and administrative domains. Noteworthy achievements include successfully completing a tenure as Controller of Examinations at Central University of Haryana, where he garnered acclaim for declaring results within a remarkable 15 days post-End Semester Examinations. Dr. Yadav, recognized as one of the youngest Controllers of Examinations in any Central University, has also pioneered innovative practices, such as introducing online evaluation for answer scripts at Galgotias University, overseeing examinations for a substantial 22,000 students. With a strong commitment to teaching excellence, he has positively impacted MBA and BBA students over the years, acting as a resource person in Central University of Haryana's MBA School of Business and as a professor at Galgotias University's School of Business. Dr. Yadav's versatile roles in areas like admission and discipline showcase his multifaceted expertise. Proficient in English and educated under the ICSE and CBSE boards, he remains adaptable to the evolving landscape of education, addressing increased responsibilities with the implementation of the New Education Policy and the Academic Bank of Credits, offering students multiple entry and exit options.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Yadava

Controller Of Examinations

Controller Of Examinations

Mr. Pradip Kumar boasts over 16 years of extensive experience, making him a seasoned professional in both Educational Organizations and the Software Industry. His illustrious career includes collaborations with prestigious universities such as Sharda University, Noida International University, RNB Global University, KK University, and Sankalchand Patel University. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in establishing and enhancing examination processes at various educational institutions.

His educational background features a current pursuit of a Ph.D. in Computer Science, along with an M.Tech and B.Tech. His teaching repertoire covers a wide range of subjects, including Database Management Systems (DBMS), .NET Technology, Microprocessor, Google Suite, and Digital Electronics, among others.

His contributions have earned him accolades, including the Best Employee Award at RNB Global University and an appreciation letter from KK University, recognizing his outstanding dedication and performance during his tenure.

I am very much delighted in welcoming multicultural students from across the globe to CT University to transform their career and achieve world class education and facilities.
Being a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural University with an infusion of Best Education System, CT University is steadily progressing its venture into domains defining new fields in Engineering, Law, Arts, Sciences, Hotel Management, Designing, Paramedical Sciences, Agriculture and Management, and motivating and providing best education to students to achieve their life goal.
Examination is a process to assess your knowledge, skills and understanding of your course which you are studying during your academic journey at CT University. At CT University, we are very much committed to maintaining the high standards and integrity of Examination Systems.
At CT University, we are committed to provide the best assessment method and organized environment for your examination.
On behalf of the CT University, I would like to wish you all the best for your upcoming examinations.
If you have any concerns or queries related to examinations, please feel free to contact the examination department. We are here to help and solve your concern throughout your academic journey here.

Mr. Rajesh Kapoor

Director- CRC

Director- CRC

It's impressive to learn about Mr. Rajesh Kapoor's extensive qualifications and diverse experiences in both the corporate and education sectors. His background in electronic engineering and MBA in marketing, combined with his 15+ years of experience in training and placement, highlights his valuable contributions to the field. His involvement in organizing events and programs, such as the Innovation Summit, HR Summit, workshops, seminars, and job fairs, demonstrates his commitment to enhancing the skill sets of students.
Mr. Kapoor's connections with various associations and bodies like NSIC, FICCI, AIMA, SMEs, TiE, PHDCCI, NEN, CII, CICU, and his contributions to the Alumni connect program, showcase his dedication to building strong networks and relationships within the industry. Moreover, his role as a board member of the campus society and his emphasis on gathering feedback from the industry to facilitate knowledge upgrades among students are noteworthy.
His successful organization of programs in collaboration with entities like KVIC, FMA, FSIC and the NSIC, along with his strong connections with SMEs in the NCR Region, highlights his ability to bridge the gap between academia and industry. His involvement with associations like TiE and NEN further emphasizes his engagement with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Overall, Mr. Rajesh Kapoor's professional journey and contributions reflect a commitment to fostering collaboration between the education and corporate sectors, facilitating the professional growth of the students, and strengthening industry-academia relationships.

The CRC is dedicated to motivating and helping the student community in campus placements and industrial training. Students are trained from the first year in communication skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities, group discussions and interview techniques. Additionally, the CRC also provides the required infra-structural facilities to conduct group discussions, tests, and interviews.
Placements are an integral part of our academic activities and CRC follows a systematic approach to meet the aspirations of our students.